Journal of Nepal Mathematical Society (JNMS)
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  ISSN: 2616-0161 (Online)


  1. Pessimistic Bilevel Linear Optimization
    By S. Dempe, G. Luo , S. Franke

  2. The Jeep Problem: A Flexible MIP Formulation
    By Uwe Gotzes, Claudia Gotzes

  3. Generalized Common Fixed Point Result in Banach Space
    By Kanhaiya Jha

  4. Landslide-water Interaction for Partially Submerged Landslide
    By Jeevan Kafle, Bhadra Man Tuladhar

  5. Beta-Change of Riemannian Space and Special Cases of one-form Beta
    By Khageshwar Mandal

  6. Generalized Contra flow for Evacuation Planning Problem
    By Urmila Pyakurel

  7. Some Symmetric Curvature Conditions on Kenmotsu Manifolds
    By Riddhi Jung Shah







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